Deeptech start-up EpinovaTech AB is looking for a CEO (Lund, Sweden)

You will be required to hit the ground running to help build the company. You will have an incredible opportunity to shape the culture, recruit the team and build the business. Your past experiences and drive are crucial for this position.

We want a highly motivated, independent, business driven individual with outstanding communication skills. You have the experience of managing companies, building teams and running the day-to-day business.

You will be the most important person in the company, alongside the founder Martin Olsson, our CTO.

To be considered, we would like to see:

  • Experience running a company as CEO or similar position.
  • Be able to drive and execute the business plan.
  • Experience from B2B in an international environment.
  • Understanding and being passionate about our revolutionary technology
  • Care about company culture and building the right team
  • Experience from working with investors and financing.
  • Run the company as if you were a co-founder

As a person you:

  • Are a natural leader, good at motivating people, supervising and delegating.
  • Love tech and the chance to make a difference
  • Have excellent communication skills (English and Swedish)
  • Act decisively under pressure
  • Have good planning skills
  • Have a data driven approach

Bonus requirements:

  • Experience of semiconductor industry
  • IP and patents
  • Engineering degree
  • Start up experience
  • Supply chain experience
  • US and Aisian business experience

This is EpinovaTech AB:

EpinovaTech is a company founded in 2019 looking to make next-generation power chips based on the advanced material gallium nitride (GaN). EpinovaTech is taking the material GaN, currently used in LED, to the next level that will revolutionize the whole electronics market and other industries. This amazing NovaGaN® technology not only reduces energy waste but also makes electronics faster and smaller with fantastic performance. NovaGaN® provides a single technology platform for future technologies such as 5G, electric vehicle charging, green hydrogen and more. EpinovaTech has developed and patented solutions for GaN that are compatible with existing chip factories providing economies of scale, industrial scalability and short time-to-market.

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